It's A Fact

Saturday Night Live in Elk Rapids! Rotary Show a big hit!


The Coneheads, Blues Brothers, and other favorite Saturday Night Live characters invaded Peterman Auditorium Friday and Saturday evenings for the fall Elk Rapids Rotary Show, Saturday Night Live in Elk Rapids! Accompanied by music director Steve Stargardt and the Rotary Band, cast and crew drew laughs and applause the crowd with favorite skits, song and dance through the evening. Many in attendance also enjoyed a delicious chicken dinner hosted by the Elk Rapids Lions Club served in the school cafeteria prior to the performance. Host Tom Stephenson, Rotary Club of Elk Rapids President, welcomed a large audience both evenings, dedicating the show to the Elk Rapids Area Historical Society with a gift of $1000 matched to the Rotary Foundation. He also honored Elk Rapids Lions, whose national organization is celebrating its 100th year. Proceeds from the show and program book benefit Rotary’s community and international humanitarian programs through its Good Works fund.




009 – Coneheads Bob Chaphalkar and Robin Merchant greet SNL in Elk Rapids guests.


012 – Backed by the Steve Stargardt Rotary Band, chorus members from left, Dale Claudepierre, Laura Cameron, Verna Sak, Deb Francis and Sue Schumaker belt it out.


014-015 – Blues Brothers Elwood (Tom Shelder) and Jake (Mike Corso) open things up with their rendition of “Soul Man.”


020 – Blues Brother Jake (Mike Corso) helps himself to an elder dinner guest’s (Gary Chenoweth) wine during the Siren Hall skit.


029 – Happy Tappers dance to “It’s All Right”


031 – Telephone Operator Lilly Tomlin, played by show co-director Kathleen Peterson explains an “outstanding bill” to “customer” Norm Veliquette.


034 - Five and a half-year-olds “Edith Ann” (Connie Nault) and new friend (Elizabeth Murrell) discuss their favorite foods including candy and hot dogs.


037-038 – Born in Arizona, raised in Babelona, “King Tut” (Ron Schmidt) breaks out in his signature song and dance to the delight of the audience.


047a – Elk Rapids Area Historical Society representatives Dan and Florence Wettlauffer, left, accept a check in the amount of $1000 from Rotary Club of Elk Rapids president Tom Stephenson.


057 – Super Bass-O-Matic salesman Gary Chenoweth adds another fish to his special cocktail.


063 – Land Shark (Jeff Nault) attacks unsuspecting victim Laura Cameron in a favorite SNL skit.


068 – “Elderly Lady” (Deb Francis) asks Amazon Alexa Silver senior help device a question.


073 – “Weekend Update” crew Chevy Chase (Jim Sak) and Jane Curtain (Kathleen Peterson) share the latest headlines with their audience.