Link to newly-recorded video is here
"I hope this note finds all of you well.  For all of you who were able to join us last week for the Virtual Journey, we thank you and hope you enjoyed to trip!  We thank all of you for your patience as we brought the live version of the virtual journey into the production room and spiffed it up a bit here and there!  You can now watch it for yourself and share it with friends.... [Here's the link: Virtual Journey]"
"For those who were with us live and those who watch it in retrospect, we would love any feedback you have as this is to be the first of many fun virtual adventures!" - Tracy Adams, Pure Water for the World
A Past President of the Elk Rapids club, Bill Donberg has been involved with Pure Water of the World (PWW) since 2010 and is a member of the PWW Board of Directors.
"Despite the all the latest news on issues facing the people and Pure Water for the World in Haiti, filters are being installed, toilets are being built in schools and lives are literally being saved, as we speak. Thanks for your support.", said Bill.
Shown here are families at home and kids in schools in Limonade, Haiti, who are current recipients of our Global Grant. And the work goes on! 
Photos: A family and schoolchildren from Limonade enjoying potable water.
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