Our club partners with Versiti to host blood drives in Elk Rapids. Recently, Susan Street, Senior Account Representative at Versiti visited our club and explained why this collaboration is so important.
When the pandemic hit in 2020, blood donation took a backseat to the urgency of addressing Covid-19 and finding ways to keep our community members safe. And while this was necessary, the need for blood never diminishes and there were still patients in need of blood from volunteer donors; new mothers, cancer patients, trauma victims, and many more. It was imperative that we at Versiti found a way to keep blood drives running and to ensure blood was readily available for patients.
In the summer of 2020, we partnered with the Elk Rapids Rotary on hosting community blood drives in partnership with the local high school. Jim Nothoff and his team took great initiative and started hosting blood drives at the local government center. Since then, the Rotary has continued to support community blood drives every other month; working to promote the events and inspire donors! Since partnering with the Rotary, 151 pints of blood have been collected at their drives; this means over 450 lives have been saved by these incredible donors (each pint saves approximately three patients!). Their hard work and service has been integral in supplying blood to local hospitals and we are so appreciative of their extraordinary commitment.
Susan Street
Senior Account Representative
From left to right: Gary Chenoweth, Tom Stephenson, Susan Street, Jim Nothoff and Jim Hockin