Rotarians get the "reel" story about happenings at the cinema
On Tuesday, ER Rotarians met at the Elk Rapids Cinema to receive an update from Aaron Timlin, Board of Directors and President of the Chalfonte Foundation, on ideas for future programming and events at our cinema.
Chalfont Foundation is based primarily in Detroit, but it recently purchased our village cinema. They already have two other properties in the area - a camp on Torch Lake and the Chalfonte House.
Aaron summarized recent improvements to the theater and hoped to replicate programs here that already run in Detroit.



















Aaron Timlin

Aaron Timlin, BOD and President is a poet, producer and plumber who was born, currently lives, and works in Detroit. He is the executive director pro tem of PuppetART, a nonprofit charity that serves youth and their communities in need; curator of the detroit contemporary, a visual and performance art gallery and gardens; founding member and director of the Detroit Culture Club, a private club for people who make or support arts and culture in Detroit; and, is founder and chair of the Detroit Broadcasting Company, an internet station soon to be broadcasting 24/7 music, news, educational, and entertainment programming for children and adults