The Rotary Club of Elk Rapids
Next Meeting
November 14, at 7 am
First Presbyterian Church in Elk Rapids
We will hear from Rotarian Doug VanCura regarding an update from the Downtown Development Authority.   We are excited to learn more about the receipt of the $500,000 grant from the Michigan Economic Corporation to improve an important downtown corridor. 
Join us on Tuesday to learn about the plan that calls for accessibility improvements such as sidewalks, bike lanes and benches. 

  Upcoming Meetings and Speakers
  • November 20 - Worker Bee at ACTS 
  • November 21- No morning meeting
  • November 28 - Terry Miller, Public Image
  • December 5- Christmas Auction at HERTH
  • December 12- Yoga Demo with Jan Boettcher 
Matching Grant Opportunity
"What an easy way to support your favorite charity!  I simply completed the form with one of my favorites and gave it to Julia during a meeting.  Now my match will double!"
The Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation will do matching grants in our five county area.  The organization needs to be a 501c3 to qualify.
Submit to Julia Pollister-Amos by December 1  or you can mail the application  to P.O. Box 814,  Elk Rapids, MI 49629. We highly recommend you take advantage of this opportunity.  
Visioning Event
November 14, 2023
12:00-2:00 p.m.
Want to be a part of a stakeholder session to discuss the future of the waterfront, our boardwalk, green space and gardens?  Join other interested persons at the Village Government Center on November 14 from noon until 2:00 p.m.  During this event, you will have an opportunity to meet Edgewater (the engineering firm selected) as well as hear an overview of the Harbor Renovation Project. 
Rotarian Bob Strehl is a Harbor Commission Member and can provide more detail regarding this event. (
Looking for Snow Birds!
Where have you gone?
Join us on Tuesday mornings for the 7:00 a.m. meeting by zoom or at least inform us of your whereabouts.  Please send photos, information and anything that is (of course) printable.  We want to stay in touch with our  Rotarians during the winter months.

Meeting Responsibilities for November 14, 2023

Morning Meeting Chair
Blaine Campbell
Greeter Bill Donberg
Julia Pollister-Amos
Sergeant At Arms
Ed Boettcher
Reflection Quotes 
Julia Pollister-Amos 
Happy Dollars 
Brian Campbell
Christmas Auction at HERT
Now that Halloween is in the rear view, it’s officially time to think about our Christmas Auction. Come bearing gifts.  That includes all snow birds.  Plan a gift basket or special service to donate.  
Donations are also accepted if you would like to authorize someone to bid for you.  More details will be forthcoming, but I heard it just might be a Polish Holiday with Sunday best attire.
Santa and the Mrs. are on the lookout for those Naughty or Nice!
Worker Bee at ACTS  for Thanksgivin
November 20, Rotarians will gather at Acme Christian Thrift Shop to assist with the preparation and distribution of Thanksgiving Food Baskets.  To date, Carol Hockin reports that 14 ERR have signed up.  This is community service in action!  
Do You Remember When?
  • We held a Variety Show
  • We had a major fundraising event to secure ads for a fabulous booklet
  • We were able to showcase local businesses and tell the Rotary Story
  • We had complete buy-in from all Rotarians to sell ads and participate!
While it is doubtful that the Variety Show will resurface in the same format, we do have several fundraisers including The DuctTape Ball, The Harbor Days BBQ and The Rock-A-Thon that need your help in using the same process to develop a booklet with our sponsors.
So far, we have a small committee of Ed Boettcher, Tom Vranich and Bill Donberg and moi who are interested in pursuing this thought.  
Will you consider joining this group to bring back the successful team approach to securing ads?  Does anyone recall how that was divided into teams?  We want your input!
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