Special Veteran's Day
November 7 at 7 am
First Presbyterian Church in Elk Rapids

Our next meeting will feature a special recognition of our Elk Rapids Rotary Veterans.  Louise Pond, also a veteran will discuss her military career in Vietnam, both during and after where she met her love Don Pond and explored her passion for art! 
How well do you know your fellow Rotarians?  Match the tour of duty to the Rotarian:
I        Flew over 2000 missions in a Huey!
II.      Calibrated and repaired electronic test equipment.
III.     Supply Corps Officer in U.S. Navy, serving in      
         Taipei, Taiwan.
IV.     Served as a field radio operator in Vietnam.
V.      Made two operational deployments with Marine               Amphibious Units to Eastern Mediterranean/Indian
         Ocean and one to the North Atlantic/Norway
VI      Was a gunner in an M60 A1 Tank in Butzbach,
VII.    Received 5 air medals and Distinguished Flying
VIII.   Attended USN Prep School on a football     
          scholarship.  Just missed the Cuban Missile
   IX.  Spent time in Cyprus with Military Intelligence
    X.  WWII
Elk Rapids Rotarians
A.    Bob Strehl
B.    Norm Veliquette
C.    Jim Hockin
D.    Rick McCaghy
E.    Larry Tyre
F.     Paul Fitzpatrick
G.    Don Watkins
H.    Terry Miller
G.     Don Pond
 I.      Edson Murray

Upcoming Meetings and Speakers
  • November 14 - Doug Van Cura- DDA Update
  • November 20 - Worker Bee at ACTS 
  • November 21- No morning meeting
  • November 28 - Terry Miller, Public Image
  • December 5- Christmas Auction at HERTH
  • December 12- Yoga Demo with Jan Boettcher 
Matching Grant Opportunity 
The Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation will be matching donations by Rotarians  to 501(c)(3) nonprofit, educational and governmental organizations within Antrim, Benzie, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, or Leelanau Counties. You can have up to $250 match and you can donate to multiple organizations
if you wish, applications need to be submitted by December 1 to Julia Pollister- Amos or you can mail it to P.O. Box 814,  Elk Rapids, MI 49629. We highly recommend you take advantage of this opportunity.  See Julia for the application.
Salvation Army Bell Ringing
Rotarian Larry Kraus is coordinating bell ringing for November. He is looking for volunteers to sign up for a two-hour shift, beginning at 10 am, on weekends at Village Market. Rotarians have been long- time supporters of the work that the Army provides.
Look for the signup sheet at the Tuesday Morning Meeting.  We still need a December Coordinator. Please volunteer.
Look who’s is having a birthday in November
  • Erin Bratschi-November 1
  • Larry Kraus-November 1
  • Mike London- November 8
  • George Seifried-November 11

Meeting Responsibilities for November 7, 2023

Morning Meeting Chair
Blaine Campbell
Greeter Don Pond
Julia Pollister-Amos
Sergeant At Arms
Ed Boettcher
Reflection Quotes 
Julia Pollister-Amos 
Happy Dollars 
Brian Campbell
Christmas Auction at HERT
Now that Halloween is in the rear view, it’s officially time to think about our Christmas Auction. Come bearing gifts.  That includes all snow birds.  Plan a gift basket or special service to donate.  
Donations are also accepted if you would like to authorize someone to bid for you.  More details will be forthcoming but I heard it just might be a Polish Holiday with Sunday best attire.
Santa and the Mrs. are on the lookout for those Naughty or Nice!
Worker Bee at ACTS  for Thanksgiving 
November 20, Rotarians will gather at Acme Christian Thrift Shop to assist with the preparation and distribution of Thanksgiving Food Baskets.  To date, Carol Hockin reports that 14 ERR have signed up.  This is community service in action!  
Wish Camille Support!
 On November 7, Camille is scheduled to present the DPIL project to the 6290 Grant Committee at $3K per year for 3 years.  We know this will be a piece of cake for our Camille.  
Best wishes from all your ERR friends!
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