The Rotary Club of Elk Rapids
Next Meeting
May 7,  2024
at 7 am
First Presbyterian Church
The May 7 meeting will give Rotarians a chance to come together to discuss a number of  relevant issues.  Agenda items include:
  • Treasurer Laura Savoie- Request for dues increase on RI Dues, while Club Dues remain the same.  Member motion and vote needed.
  • Good Works Chair Jim Nothoff- Request for $6,000 for desks for students in Malawi. Member motion and vote needed.
  • Team Leader Fundraising- Ed Boettcher will facilitate a discussion with membership regarding recommendations from the 5 member fundraiser committee. 
    We sincerely hope that each of you will make an effort to join us this coming Tuesday.  Ed was given a rather daunting task this winter to approach our fundraising concerns.  He and his team have held several meetings with more to follow.   I think we can safely say that we as Rotarians in Elk Rapids want to continue to have a visible presence in the community through service.  With that said, we also recognize that moving forward, we will need to solicit funds from our friends of Rotary, businesses as well as personal contributions if we are to provide $60,000 in funds to support causes.   Please note that the discussion points are merely goals.  Tuesday, we want open dialogue with your suggestions.  Remember, no idea or comment is a bad idea.  
  • Ed’s request for complete and total  immunity will be evaluated at the meeting.  Ha, ha!  We will see how far his request goes.
Upcoming Meetings
  • May 7 Club Meeting at First Presbyterian Church
  • May 14 Jim Nothoff- Member Forum
  • May 14 Board Meeting at 8:15 a.m.
  • May 21 Marianne Burrows and Aaron Timlin from The Chalfonte Foundation will provide an update on plans for the historic Elk Rapids Cinema: The breakfast meeting will be held at the Cinema
  • May 25 TBD
        May Birthdays
Cheryl Knight -5/3
Robert Atkinson-5/7
Blaine Campbell-5/10
Pam Williams- 5/15
Myrta Keelan-5/18
 Meeting Responsibilities 
for May 7, 2024
Morning Meeting Chair: Blaine Campbell
Greeter: Kyle McLachlan
Attendance:  Julia Pollister-Amos
Sergeant At Arms: Ed Boettcher 
Reflection Quote:  Julia Pollister-Amos
Happy Dollars:  Blaine Campbell
The pickers met at Rotary Park this a.m. to clean up the Village.   In addition to trash, there were beautiful morels for the foragers.  Thanks to Elizabeth and Kyle McLachlan, Jim Hockin, George Seifried, Dale Gehman, Paul Fitzpatrick, Tom Vranish and Paula Jorge.  
Can’t make it out at 7:00 am?  Try the zoom option with or without video.  Zoom in your pj’s in the comfort of your home.  
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