Rotary members are encouraged to become familiar with the organization soon after they become members, as indicated by the following check list:


1. Attend new member orientation meeting(s) as prescribed by our club.

2. Read two or more of the following RI publications (preferably all):

    A. The ABCs of Rotary

    B. A Century of Service: The Story of Rotary International

    C. The Rotary Foundation Quick Reference Guide

    D. Rotary Basics

    E. How to Propose a New Member

3. Watch two or more of the following RI videos/DVDs (preferably all):

    A. Every Rotarian, Every Year

    B. PolioPlus: A Gift to the Children of the World

    C. Rotary and the United Nations: Connecting the Local to the Global

    D. Service Above Self: A Century of Extraordinary Purpose

4. Attend one or more of the following club functions:

    A. Informal or social activity

    B. Board meeting

    C. Committee meeting

    D. Project activity

5. Complete one or more of the following tasks:

    A. Serve as a greeter at a club meeting.

    B. Participate in a club service project.

    C. Make up a meeting at another club.

    D. Other (to be determined by club)

6. Experience the internationality of Rotary by participating in at least two of the following activities:

    A. Host an Ambassadorial Scholar/Group Study Exchange team for a meal or other activity.

    B. Host a Rotarian from another country in your home.

    C. Invite a non-Rotarian to apply for a Foundation scholarship.

    D. Join a Global Networking Group.

    E. Participate as a Rotary volunteer in a World Community Service/PolioPlus project.

7. Attend one or more of the following district meetings (listed in order of priority):

    A. District conference

    B. District assembly

    C. Foundation seminar

    D. Other district meeting

8. Choose a club committee on which you would like to serve.

9. Accept an assignment to serve on a club committee.

10. Extend Rotary to others through one or more of these actions:

      A. Invite a guest to a Rotary meeting.

      B. Propose a new member.

      C. Refer a candidate for membership in a club other than your own by completing the online referral form at

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