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The Costs of Membership
Rotary members are billed quarterly.  They are comprised of:
Rotary International Dues = $16.75
These funds go toward the costs of maintaining the organization - administrative costs, matching funds for major good works throughout the world, training and conventions, publication and distribution of the, "Rotarian", a monthly publication mailed to all members.
Rotary District Dues = $13.75
Functioning of Rotary is funneled through a District structure.  Funds are used in a manner similar to those for Rotary International, but the focus is more regional.
Elk Rapids Club Dues = $32.50
These funds are used to defray our costs of operation - meeting space rent, equipment, costs of travel to meetings, etc.
Weekly Meal Costs = $11.65/meal (roughly, $151.00/qtr.)
Meals are optional.  There is a $2.00/week charge if no meal is taken.
Please note that all monies used for Rotary operational expenses are derived from the charges, above.  Most importantly - all monies derived from our fund raisers (currently, annual variety show and chicken barbecue) go toward good works projects (and these funds are multiplied, several times over, by matching funds contributed by the International and District dues, listed above).