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Currently, we are 60 members. including a few individuals designated as, "Honorary Members", in recognition of their extraordinary services to the club.  Our membership is comprised of men and women who are active, or retired from, diverse occupations.  That diversity makes for a lot of interesting conversation.  We meet each Tuesday evening over a catered meal, usually at The Old Township Hall on River Street but, occasionally, at other locations.   At most meetings, we have an informative speaker who shares his or her special knowledge with us.  Consequently, we learn (or are, at least, exposed to) a lot of information that makes us more aware of what is going on around us.
Social interaction at the weekly meetings is the tip of the iceberg.  We seek to do good.  We provide financial and physical help for numerous causes.  Most of these causes are local, but some are international.  Members can be found collecting donations for the food bank, ringing the bell for the Salvation Army, winterizing homes for those in need, providing water-purification systems in Haiti, participating in fund raisers by other organizations, such as walking for cancer, and many other causes.  Many members contribute to the International Rotary Foundation, which provides help for worthy causes on a world-wide scale.
Our major income, used entirely for charitable endeavors, comes from two fund raisers.  The first of these is the, "Rotary Follies", a spoof, variety, show put on by the club members each summer in the auditorium of the Elk Rapids High School.  Income is derived from advertising support by local businesses, and from ticket sales.  The event makes for a couple of crazy evenings.  The second source of income is derived from a chicken barbecue that is held each year in conjunction with Harbor Days in early July.
We invite all who are interested in participating in our agenda to check us out to determine if membership is for you.