Time to Give Blood

Our club partners with Versiti to host blood drives in Elk Rapids. Recently, Susan Street, Senior Account Representative at Versiti visited our club and explained why this collaboration is so important.
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Early Literacy Stations  

Two brand new Early Literacy Stations have been installed at the Elk Rapids District Library (ERDL), thanks to donations by the Rotary Club of Elk Rapids and the Friends of the Library.
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Good Works Committee Update

Good Works Chair Steve Francis summarizes what his committee did at the end of last year, and he also identifies a few possible Good Works projects for the coming calendar year.
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Community Support

The Elk Rapids Rotary Club may not be meeting weekly as they normally do, but we are still doing good works for the community in this time of need.
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Malawi Bicycle Share Project

PROBLEM: The majority of the 1.2 million people who live in the Mangochi District of Malawi, Africa live in 250+ villages in a widespread rural setting with no public transportation. Secondary school students in these villages must walk anywhere between 3 to 9 miles to get to school. Walking these great distances has a profound effect on student attendance, energy level and safety, especially for girls who must sometimes walk alone in the dark.  Just 15% of these students complete secondary school and that number drops to 7% for girls.


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Salvation Bell Ringers at Village Market

Elk Rapids Rotarians and friends began seasonal bell ringing for donations on Friday at the Village Market, with the donation bucket spaced for social distance. Working mostly alone on their two-hour shifts, ringers greeted shoppers and were awarded very generously throughout the first weekend. Leader Steve Francis filled his November bell ringing calendar quickly with Rotary volunteers. Ringing will continue in December.
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Rotary Scholarship Opportunities

The high cost of a college education or vocational training presents a financial burden for many Elk Rapids students. To offset this high cost, numerous channels of financial aid are available to Elk Rapids students. 
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COVID-19 Response

Rotary Club of Elk Rapids provides local Covid-19 support
                by Carol Heles
The Rotary Club of Elk Rapids provided swift and thoughtful financial assistance to numerous local businesses and organizations to help them through the Covid-19 crisis.

The Elk Rapids Downtown Development Authority (DDA) used Rotary funds to supply personal protection equipment (PPE) to downtown businesses in the form of masks and hand sanitizer. Financial support of the DDA’s “ER Promise” campaign that focused on keeping the community informed and working together was also supported by the Rotary Club of Elk Rapids.

Likewise, the Elk Rapids Chamber of Commerce put Rotary funds to work by purchasing PPE so that the Farmers Markets could proceed safely throughout the summer and fall. 

And finally, the Rotary Club of Elk Rapids donated $6,000 to the Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation (GTRCF) Urgent Needs Fund. The Urgent Needs Fund was created to mobilize local giving in response to the pandemic. By partnering with GTRCF, Rotary was assured that their financial assistance would be given to deserving local non-profits in need of immediate relief services. 

While Rotary is a global network of neighbors, friends, leaders and problem-solvers, their vision includes taking action to create lasting change in their local communities. Through their local Covid-19 support efforts, the Rotary Club of Elk Rapids took action that fulfilled that vision.

You can help the Rotary Club of Elk Rapids continue to empower local organizations to succeed by donating to the “Good Works Fund” at elkrapidsrotary.org. Text and photos submitted by Carol Heles
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Scholarship Recipients

Here’s more information on our 2020 winners:
Jordan Jansen is a 2020 ERHS graduate who is going to NMC to pursue an Associates Degree in nursing with the ultimate goal of becoming a nurse anesthetist. Jordan was the senior class president and a member of various clubs and varsity sports. According to one of her recommendation letters, “Jordan is unassuming and supportive of others and embraces faith, family and community in a multitude of ways.”
Parker Lawrence is a 2019 ERHS graduate currently enrolled at NMC seeking an Associates Degree in pre-med. Parker’s academic goal is to achieve a doctorate in Physical Therapy. Parker works many jobs to help pay for his education and one of his recommendation letters states that “He is driven and sets goals for himself that he not only meets but exceeds. He is polite, honorable, trustworthy and reliable.”
Tanner McLean is a 2020 ERHS graduate who will be entering the engineering tract of NMC’s “2 + 2” program in conjunction with Michigan Tech with the hope of becoming a robotic engineer. Tanner was involved in the Robotics Team, marching and concert bands and the bowling and golf teams while at ERHS.  As stated in one of his recommendation letters, “While Tanner has accomplished many things both academically and technically (He has numerous inventions), he also has another side of him which is as a person who is responsible, accountable and has a great concern for others."
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Rendezvous at Riverwalk

Rotarians and Friends gathered Tuesday evening to enjoy each other's company in the new game room at Riverwalk Grill. We were treated to libations by barista Melissa and delicious charbroiled beef tenderloin, broccolini, cheesy bacon mashed potatoes and big green salad prepared by chef Danny.

Club lunch/evening meeting chair Jim Hocken welcomed everyone and shared a memorable joke after accepting a variety of happy dollar comments, including a blushing moment for Tom Wiltse courtesy of our super hostess Sherry Detwiler! Afterward, Gary Chenoweth accepted an additional Paul Harris Fellowship pin from our inspiring Foundation Chair Bob Chaphalkar. Congratulations as well to Jim Hocken for his exemplary club service and his special Paul Harris Fellow.

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