Elk Rapids Rotary


Our club was chartered on June 9, 1950.  There were 29 charter members.  Over the years, ERR has been a leading force in beneficial projects in Elk Rapids (such as in the creation of the Lower Harbor and the development of a picnic pavilion beside Elk River).  We are part of District 6290, of Rotary International. Currently (Nov. 2017) there are approximately 60 members. Almost all of the members are business or professional individuals, or retirees, who are interested in: camaraderie with their peers who have diverse backgrounds, keeping up with what is going on in the region, and sharing their time and money to improve the quality of life, locally, nationally, and internationally.


Very recently, the club added a new membership category, Corporate Membership. In this case, the business is interested in participating in the activities, and does so through one or more of its employees.


Routinely, members attend either a morning (7-8 am) meeting or an evening meeting (6-7:30 pm) on Tuesdays. The evening meetings usually feature a guest speaker, sharing of information regarding member and club activities and singing a few songs. Morning meetings tend to be briefer, due to business obligations.  ERR is not a stickler for perfect meeting attendance (although many Rotary clubs are).  However, regular participation in the club’s activities is expected.




Without doubt, the major thrust of the club is to distribute funds, and expend personal effort, to improve things. Money is derived from four fund-raisers by the club that are held on an annual basis – and through personal contributions of members.  Income from the fun-raisers is distributed by our Good Works Committee.  Broad categories for the distribution of these funds are: Youth Development, Regional Needs and National/International Needs.  During the administrative year 2016-17 the club distributed approximately $60,000, to these causes.




A, “Variety", Show, a Chicken Barbecue, held on the closing day of Elk Rapids Harbor Days, and a Christmas Auction have been the traditional sources of income for the Good Works projects.  A, “Rock-a-Thon”, was added in 2017.  Each of these activities involve a great deal of enjoyable participation by the club members.




Youth Development is an important component of who we are.  Several of our members provide mentoring and encouragement to the high-school, Interact Club, which is a Rotary, high-school organization molded on the principles of the senior organization.. Also, in recent years the club has been a driving force behind a Robotics Program that has been developed at Elk Rapids schools. Several of our  members act as mentors and lend encouragement for that activity.



Lending a Helping Hand


From time-to-time, Rotary members can be found cleaning up the sides of Hwy 31, installing walkways and information pedestals at Rotary Park, helping seniors with Fall leaf cleanup, winterizing homes for those in need, helping with food drives, etc.



International Hands-On


Some of our members are not content with confining their volunteer activities to Northern Michigan.  About once a year, a few of them can be found in Haiti, helping install and educate in the use of biologically-active, water, filters, which have proven to greatly reduce water-borne diseases inherent with the lack of clean-water distribution systems; a wide-spread fact of life in the region.





We strive to pass the FOUR-WAY TEST:


1. Is it the TRUTH?

2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?


4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?