December 8, 2015

Santa Claus (aka Jim Sak), and Mrs. Santa Claus (aka Verna Sak) auctioned off 30+ wrapped gifts with cryptic hints about the nature of the gift, which raised $3,090 for three pantries in the area;  Acme Christian Thrift Store, Good Samaritan, and Antrim Baby Pantry in Central Lake, which has food and clothing for babies.

Each year, members of the Rotary Club of Elk Rapids donate a gift for ​their​ annual ​auction​ that takes place during their Christmas dinner meeting in December.

​Typically the funds raised may be matched by a Rotary Charities Challenge Grant up to a total of $3,000, which doubles the value of the donation to the three community groups.  Donations are auctioned off to the highest bidders present, with the bids being made by Rotarians, friends of Rotary, local businesses, and former Rotarians.
And, the prime rib was very good too.

To top things off, we inducted another new member; Scott Dennis.  He recently retired from the Air Force (pilot) and was a speaker at our Rotary Club a few weeks ago.  His experience as an Air Force General will be a welcome addition to our Rotary Club.
(from Dean Branson)


November 17, 2015

Thanksgiving feast - simply excellent! Thank you Roberto and staff.  Thank you goes to Myrta as well for coordinating such a nice meal with Roberto.
Food Drive at Toms - help is still needed for Saturday……. thank you, on the spot volunteers, Norm, Tom A and Jim N for filling these last few openings. Tom A noted four Interact students will be helping as well.
Ralph recapped three project that are queued up and ready to be tackled. Dean is leading one on Thursday.  Jim also has one for Thursday and could use two more helpers. Jeff needs two to three people at Rotary Park on Wednesday. Review the sheet being sent around for projects and sign-up for whatever you can help with. We really need to get these homes better prepared to handle the cold winter days.
Jerry is 65 tomorrow! Members sang to Jerry even though he was absent so our guest could here our Rotary birthday song.
Many wonderful guest were introduced. Everyone enjoyed their company and conversation.
Tom S is still in need of our thoughts and prayers as he continues to heal from an emergency appendectomy.
The program began with the ‘goody sisters’ dressed as pilgrims in their bonnets and long dresses………..
Myrta and Julia welcomed all of us to the Mayflower. They shared their version of the first Thanksgiving story.  They began with a quiz and then started the search for a wild tom turkey. The story unfolded as Myrta and Julia moved around the room and incorporated members into the story by having them share what they are thankful for. Their search for a tom turkey took them to our president, Tom Klingler. They closed with a Thanksgiving poem.
President Tom thanked the ‘goody sisters’ for the nice program.                           
Sherry Steffen
Elk Rapids Rotary Club

November 10, 2015

Marcia announced this is last chance to purchase a calendar and support the fundraiser while having a chance to win prizes.
Tom A has reached his one year anniversary mark. So glad you joined the club Tom.
Al Bonney commented,”coming to this club is an awful lot of fun!”
Gary added a $20 bill, from Mary's purse, to the cup in order to share how thankful he is for those who serve our country.
Sign-up sheet was made available for ACTS pantry food drive on November 20 and November 21 at Toms Market. Shifts are available beginning at 9am and going until 7:30 pm
Julane shared she is so very proud of her father-in-law. He served during Pearl Harbor.
New Foundation Chair is Bob C.  Thank you Bob for stepping up and filling this position.
Julane Underhill offered the opportunity for members in attendance to help with the backpack for kid’s project by purchasing a raffle ticket for a chance to win a prize and fill backpacks with school supplies for children in our region.
Ralph will be reaching out to those who signed up to help with weatherization and fall work.
Last week, Myrta made available the gift tags from the Village Market Giving tree. There are six left. All six were distributed tonight. Thank you members!
Interact update - Tom A shared the following new items - email address exchange will begin to take place between Haiti and Elk Rapids
Holidays activities include participating in the ACT’s can drive and “giving days” over a one week long period, collecting various item such as coat’s, boots, etc. The items collected will be  donated to one of the local nonprofits.
Also, theatre arts event coming up with a lot of the Interact students participating in the play. Please be sure to support them and enjoy the wonderful production.
Bill introduced General Scott Dennis and his wife Debbie
Scotts message was…..
What do Vets need when they return from service?
Scott explained we need to focus on the majority of our great young Americans who serve and then return to civilian life.
Myths such as “You can’t handle the truth”, “They went into the service because they couldn’t find a job”, “They all have PTSD”.  The truth is, military personnel are thinkers due to decision making being pushed to very low levels.  Service entry is voluntary and is becoming highly selective to enter. Most of our troops are some of the most well-adjusted people on the planet and do not need (nor want) to be treated differently that everyone else.
Vets have the following traits; Leaders, Team Players, Continual Learners and are more focused on contribution versus salary.
Scott concluded with – Our returning Vets have done something special, but don’t need to be treated special, they just need some help connecting, finding career opportunities and mentorship in the business world.
Gary - next week mtg. - Thanksgiving feast!
Sherry Steffen
Elk Rapids Rotary Club