Colorful outfits galore at the Rotarian gala event of the century
Esteemed Rotarian Camille Campbell and her Duct Tape Ball team created a remarkably fun evening at Ag-A-Ming Golf Resort.  Attendees were festooned with copious colorful tape. Camille reported more than $15,000 was raised for our Good Works Fund. Way to go, E.R. Rotarians.!
Winners of the duct tape dress-up contest were the smarmy aces Playing Cards shown here. Other photos follow.
Special thanks go to:
  • Tom Vranich for taking many of the excellent photos.
  • Event Chairs, Camille & Blaine Campbell, Robin & Mark Vanderkaay
  • A-Ga-Ming Golf Resort. What a venue!
  • All Rotarians who sold ads, bought ads, or sold/bought tickets.  Tom Vranich sold the most ads. Tom Shelder bought the most tickets.
  • Doug Vancura and Alyssa Winters, who likely spent the most time decorating their outfits
  • The rest of us who had a lot of fun! 
It was a great event and plans are already in the works for DTB 2024!