Why join a service organization unless you intend to participate in the basic mission, which is to help others and improve the community?  No doubt, Elk Rapids Rotary is a great place to network, develop new friendships and find out what is happening in your neck of the world.  But, the main idea is to participate in the good works activities and fund raisers that go on throughout the year.
In keeping with that, Rotary believes one can't be an absentee member (like the church member that shows up on Christmas Eve and Easter morning, and still expects to be saved).  Consequently, there is an attendance policy for our club, as follows:




Section 1 – Attendance at 50% of the meetings of the club in each half of the year is a duty of membership. - Attendance is evidenced by the member’s presence for at least 50 percent of the time devoted to the meeting. A member may lose membership in the club by failing to meet the attendance requirements set forth in the Standard Rotary club constitution article XI, section 4. However, article VIII, section 1, specifies methods in which nonattendance at a regular club meeting may be “made up.”


Section 2 – Make-ups: Among other possibilities, meetings that may count as a “make up” for attendance at a regular club meeting include meetings of the club’s board of directors, club sponsored events, work at club projects, meetings of a committee to which the member is assigned, meetings of other Rotary clubs, district meetings/conferences and RI conventions, on-line makeups if ill, attendance at Rotary District or International meetings/conferences, providing written notice of such attendance is given by the member to the club secretary within thirty (30) days.


Section 3 – Leaves of absence: Pursuant to Article VIII, Section 2, a) of the Standard Rotary Club Constitution, and upon written application to the board setting forth good and sufficient cause, a member may be excused from attending meetings of the club for a specified length of time not exceeding six (6) months. Such leave operates to prevent forfeiture of membership during the specified period. However, absences excused under this section do not give the club credit for attendance by the member and the member is counted as absent in attendance reports to the district governor.